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Carbon Steel Spring Washer High Precision M6 / M8 / M10 DIN BSW Standard

Carbon Steel Spring Washer High Precision M6 / M8 / M10 DIN BSW Standard

    • Carbon Steel Spring Washer High Precision M6 / M8 / M10 DIN BSW Standard
    • Carbon Steel Spring Washer High Precision M6 / M8 / M10 DIN BSW Standard
  • Carbon Steel Spring Washer High Precision M6 / M8 / M10 DIN BSW Standard

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Yongnian,Hebei,China
    Brand Name: MD
    Certification: ISO
    Model Number: 1mm-8mm

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1TON
    Packaging Details: Ordinary polybag in small box +carton+pallet or as required
    Delivery Time: 20-30 days
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    Detailed Product Description
    Color: White & Yellow & Black Material: Steel
    Size: M2~M56 Brand Name: MAIDE
    Grade: 4.8 8.8 12.9 Standard: DIN BSW ANIS
    High Light:

    spring retaining washer


    flat spring washer

    High Precision DIN127B Steel Spring Lock Washer M6 / M8 / M10 DIN BSW Standard

    This item is Carbon Steel Spring Washer Din 7980 White Or Blue Zinc Plated M10,the material is carbon steel,the size is M10,the standard is DIN 7980,the surface treatment is white zinc plated,the color is white.This product have other surface treatment:blue zinc plated,yellow zinc plated,black oxide,HDG,etc.
    The spring washer has pretension, after compression, the rear recoil. In actual use, because of the characteristics of the thread, the nut is easy to rotate along the direction of the spiral, causing the nut to loosen. In order to solve this problem, the spring washer appeared. Spring washer with pretension, the nut after compression spring washer, in under the action of tension, in the triangle screw and bolt nut screw side, tightly to stick together, in under the action of friction, loose nut will no longer appear.
    Spring washers are used for anti-loosening, flat washers have no anti-loosening function, flat washers just increase the contact area.

    Spring washer are mainly punched out from iron plates. Spring washer: after lock, use elastic pad have the effect of locking, and of course to a double nut effect is poor.
    Single nut + flat mat, play mat: rely on the nut itself locking force and elastic cushion locking performance, a double nut.
    Flat washer: only increase the surface area Prevent the soft substrate was installed a damaged, or is blocking hole.
    Locking method still has a lot of, this is just a very old some basic locking method, but also very practical.
    Trampoline's role is to prevent the screw loose caused by the vibration of the machine or heat bilges cold shrink.Role is flat mat, increase the contact area of the screw and machine 1, 2, eliminate the trampoline at the time of discharge screw damage on the surface of the machine must be a spring when using a flat mat, flat pad close to the surface of the machine, spring cushion between the plain washers and nuts.
    Flat mat role is long screw is screw is half buckles added flat washer cap can take full 2 is the place on the screw hole is too large added a flat washer not leak down
    Trampoline is mainly used for locking, used in vibration is not big, if the vibration is big, generally want to use the double nut locking or other locking method, flat washer is mainly used to increase the contact area, like on the bearing seat because the drive is long and narrow hole, must be the home of the flat washer.




    Item Din127 B Carbon Steel Spring Washer M12 Hot Galvanizing And White Color
    Size M3-M42,or according to drawing or samples
    Material stainless steel,carbon steel, brass,etc
    Surface treatment HDG, black, galvanized, yellow zinc plated,etc
    Trade Terms FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW, and others.
    Shipment Port Tianjin or Qingdao
    Delivery Time The fastest 15-30days,According to the volume to determine the delivery time.
    Grade Class 4.8; 8.8;10.9;( ISO 898-1);12.9;Gr2,5,8



    1. Internal tooth washer, external tooth washer
    There are a lot of sharp, flexible thumbs on the circumference that press against the bearing surface to stop the fastener from loosening. Internal rubber washers are used under the heads of smaller head size; external rubber washers are mostly used under the head of bolts and nuts. The toothed elastic washer is smaller in size than ordinary spring washers and has even force on the fastener to prevent loosening and reliable, but should not be used in the usual disassembly place.

    2. Wave spring washer
    Wave washers divided into WG type, WL type, WN type


    3. Disc spring washer
    Disc spring washer Belleville spring washer, also known as Belleville French. HDS Series is a very effective bearing load and elastic recovery. Bolt tension can withstand slack due to wear, creep, relaxation, thermal expansion, shrinkage, or seal compression of the consumable parts. The HDS series multiples the elasticity of the screw several times, effectively replacing conventional spring washers, but not suitable for locking washers and flat washers.

    Drawings and size:

    This is the size and drawing of the spring washer,size from 3 to 20,also have weight.The customer needs to provide the data in the form before ordering.


    Size Inside Diameter External Diameter Maximum Width Thickness Opening Height
    M14 14.20 14.70 24.10 4.50 +-0.2 3.00 +-0.15 6.00 7.10
    M16 16.20 17.00 27.40 5.00 +-0.2 3.50 +-0.2 7.00 8.30
    M18 18.20 19.00 29.40 5.00 +-0.2 3.50 +-0.2 7.00 8.30
    M20 20.20 21.20 33.60 6.00 +-0.2 4.00 +-0.2 8.00 9.40
    M22 22.50 23.50 35.90 6.00 +-0.2 4.00 +-0.2 8.00 9.40
    M24 24.50 25.50 40.00 7.00 +-0.25 5.00 +-0.2 10.00 11.80
    M45 45.50 46.70 71.20 12.00 +-0.25 7.00 +-0.25 14.00 16.50
    M48 49.00 50.50 75.00 12.00 +-0.25 7.00 +-0.25 14.00 16.50
    M52 53.00 54.50 83.00 14.00 +-0.25 8.00 +-0.25 16.00 18.90

    Carbon Steel Spring Washer High Precision M6 / M8 / M10 DIN BSW Standard 0


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